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Comments about Charles Joseph's first novel range from "a real page turner" to "a delightful story". Published by iUniverse, Inc., the leading provider of publishing technology solutions for authors, Charlie is understandably excited. Described by the publisher as "A story for our time. A tale of courage and grit. With a twist", hopes are high for growing sales of "Between Two Rivers".

As Charlie explains, "Between Two Rivers is an adventure story. After an unspecified disaster devastates the coastal plain, a group bands together to make the arduous westward trek to food, freedom, peace and security. It is a story of courage and resourcefulness. Follow them as their individual faults and virtues weld a cohesive group that sees them through natural catastrophes, enemies and their own errors in judgment. Weep with their tragedies and celebrate their victories. The surprise ending will bring a smile to your face".

One reader described being "jolted" by the surprise ending. This evokes a chuckle from Charlie. "The ending was intended to be a surprise, but one that causes a smile. Jolted? Well, I guess that means I did a good job". However, he is quick to point out, "the surprise ending isn't all there is to the story". Taking a cue from the publisher's comments, Charlie adds, "while no specific era is alluded to in the story, in terms of courage and grit, inter and intra-relationships, perhaps it is a story for our time. It is a rousing adventure and a downright good tale".

When asked to summarize his story, Charlie just grinned. "I don't want to give away the story line and I certainly don't want to give away the ending. Let me just say, if you like adventure stories and you like character relationships and inter-play, you'll like this book".

Apparently others felt that way too. The High Country Friends, a California literary review group named Between Two Rivers the best action/adventure novel for 2003. Their reviewers made comments such as "fascinating great adventure one I want to re-read". Another commented, "The most surprising ending I have ever read". Additionally Between Two Rivers was featured at the February 2004 St, Mary's County Book Club's meet the author night. Charlie's novel received at least one first place vote for the best book reviewed in 2004.

Charlie is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. He operated an electronic sales and service business for several years before rejoining Naval Aviation as an Electromagnetic Environmental tester of aircraft. He lives in St. Inigoes, MD with his wife, Annie and five German Shepherd Dogs. He holds an AAS degree in Electronics Technology from the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) and a BSEE degree conferred by Trinity College and University. He is especially proud of the CSM degree which he achieved with a 4.0 GPA.

Although he has authored a few technical papers and has a white paper on the internet about specialized training for working class GSD puppies, this is his first published novel. As Charlie states, "I've always wanted to write, but never seemed to find the time. When I returned to night college to complete my technical degree, my English and electives instructors showered me with high grades and compliments on my writing ability. So much so, my head swelled. So finally I made the time. This story is the result".

A final request from Charlie. "If you do buy the book and enjoy it, please tell your friends".

Charles Joseph is a retired Navy Chief and a resident of St. Mary's County, Maryland. He lives in St. Inigoes with his wife and five German Shepherds. This is his first published novel.

From the publisher: A story for our time. A tale of courage and grit. With a twist!

Reader Review:
G. Michael Horne from Scotland, MD USA
Between Two Rivers joins the reader with a group making its way through wild, dangerous territory. Their goal - a place of peace and happiness. Mr. Joseph deftly blends the essentials of a true "page-turner". The well-paced narrative makes this book difficult to put down once started. Struggles to survive against villains and nature, friendship and personal sacrifice, honor and heroism, humor and sadness, adventure and surprises - all abound. And, a touch of romance. The characters, good and evil, are developed in sufficient detail to make them quite interesting as individuals. Descriptions of the physical surroundings absorb the reader into the scene. Although fiction, the characters, events, and the surroundings are realistically portrayed and the reader quickly comes to believe this could be a true story. I highly recommend Between Two Rivers to all who enjoy well-written, attention-grabbing novels with real bite! I look forward to Mr. Joseph's next offering with great anticipation!

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