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Chapel Point State Park is located on the beautiful Port Tobacco River, a tributary of the Potomac River. Chapel Point is an undeveloped multi-use park. There is a waterfront area that offers excellent fishing. A Maryland Bay Sport Tidal License is required. Watch your tides before visiting this area. At high tide there is almost no beach. This area has a small sand launch area that is suitable for the launch of small john-boats, canoes and kayaks, and personal watercraft.

Hunting is permitted in the 600 acre state park. The area provides suitable habitat for quail, squirrels, doves, rabbits, white-tailed deer, wild turkey and waterfowl. There are four permanent waterfowl blinds available for use on the Port Tobacco River. The blinds are available on a first come, first served basis. Blind use and all game hunting are permitted during the seasons established by the Wildlife Division. Chapel Point has a small handicap hunting area. There are three established hunter parking areas. Sign-in boxes are located in each of those areas. A maximum of 45 hunters is permitted at any given time.

Chapel Point has a new paddle-in campsite available by permit only. Call 301-743-7613 for permits. Site is available year round.

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