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MISSION: The purpose of the Coast Guard Auxiliary is to assist the Coast Guard, as authorized by the Commandant in performing any Coast Guard function, power, duty, role, mission or operation authored by law except law enforcement and military operations.

MULTI-MISSION FORCE-MULTIPLIER: The Auxiliary provides almost $1 billion in service to the Federal Government and the American public at a fraction of the cost. A voluntary, civilian, non-military organization, the Auxiliary was originally established by Congress in 1939 to promote recreational boating safety. Members are experienced boaters, amateur radio operators, and licensed aircraft pilots using their own operational vessels, aircraft and communications stations or providing skills the Coast Guard can use to enhance customer service in operations centers, administrative offices, on the water and in the air.

“The last couple of years have produced a sea change in the Auxiliary’s relationship to regular Coast Guard. …We have seen a transformation in which the Auxiliary has been recognized as an absolutely essential force multiplier, which we now rely on as an integrated part of the Coast Guard effort to do good things for America.” … - Admiral James M. Loy, Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard

35,000 people help the Coast Guard, everyday for the satisfaction that comes from sharing our missions.

Auxiliarists operate on their own time and for the most part, at their own expense. The minimal federal funding support received by members only partially pays for training, fuel and subsistence used in the performance of officially sanctioned operations. With their expanding missions, while on duty, Auxiliarists are now considered federal employees for the purpose of civil liability, for medical, disability and death-benefit compensation.


* Search and Rescue
* Aircraft Operations
* Seamanship Training
* Weather Training
* Radio & Computer Operations
* Public Education Instruction
* Aid to Navigation
* Courtesy Marine Examinations
* Support during natural disasters and man-made disasters
* Marine Safety
* Environmental Protection
* Recruiting Assistance
* Fun and fellowship!

PUBLIC EDUCATION COURSES: Offer a wide variety of boating courses tailored to specific needs including boat handling, legal responsibilities, aids to navigation, rules of the road, piloting, etc.

OPERATIONS: Assists CG in search and rescue/assistance missions, environmental protection, marine safety, patrol regattas and marine events. Performs safety patrols often in conjunction with regular CG units and provides verification of private aids to navigation.

COURTESY MARINE EXAMINATIONS: Specially trained members authorized to conduct free courtesy marine examinations upon onset of owners/operators for safety equipment and requirements of federal and state law.

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