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Traffic Plans for Independence Day Celebrations 2014

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Calvert County

Traffic Plan for Twin Beaches on Thursday, July 3

The traffic plan is set up to eliminate all left hand turns on a portion of Route 261 going through the Twin Beaches, eliminating the need to stop traffic randomly and enabling traffic to flow with minimal stopping. The centerline of Route 261 will be blocked with delineation devices that will prohibit vehicles from making U-turns.

Traffic north of Route 260 along Route 261 on the east side of Route 261 must make right turns and exit left on 5th Street to Boyd's Turn Road to Route 260. Traffic on the west side of Route 261 must make a right turn and exit on 27th Street to G Street to Route 260.

Traffic south of Route 260 along Route 261 on the east side of Route 261 must make a right turn and must turn left onto Route 260. Traffic on the west side of Route 261 must turn right and continue along Route 261 to Summer City Blvd or continue south to Ponds Wood Road and proceed to Maryland Route 4.

Traffic Plan for Solomons Fireworks on Friday, July 4

All southbound traffic will be prohibited from gaining access to Solomons Island for approximately one hour after the fireworks display ends.

There will be a sign on the north end of Glascock Field indicating the exit on that end of the field will be for St. Mary's County traffic only. The road in front of the Solomons Island Visitor Center will be shut down completely from the St. Mary's exit from Glascock Field to Rt. 2.

The exit from Glascock Field to Rt. 2 will allow traffic to flow northbound in the southbound lane. This traffic will exit onto Rt. 4 North at the exit across from Roy Rogers. There will be lane delineation devices separating the northbound and southbound lanes of Rt. 2 from Glascock Field to the exit onto Rt. 4.

All traffic leaving Solomons Island beyond Glascock Field will continue north along Rt. 2 to the access to Rt. 4 just north of Boomerang's Restaurant. Motorists needing to travel south can proceed to the light at Patuxent Point Parkway to make the left onto southbound Rt. 4.

The access for southbound traffic to exit to go under the Thomas Johnson Bridge will be blocked with delineating devices.

The exit for northbound traffic to gain access onto Rt. 2 at the base of the bridge will be blocked with delineating devices.

The median crossovers in front of Patuxent Plaza and the Navy Rec Center will be blocked off with delineating devices.

All traffic exiting Dowell Road will be denied access to Rt. 4 at Dowell Road. Dowell Road traffic will be made to turn right onto Rt. 765 to Coster Road. Motorists needing to travel south will continue to the light at Rt. 760 to gain access to the southbound lanes of Rt. 4.

The Maryland State Highway Administration and the Calvert County Highway Maintenance Department will assist with traffic direction.

There will be deputies posted at all intersections with heavy traffic flow to ensure compliance with the traffic flow plan.

St. Mary's County

No information available yet.

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