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Many Thanks to all the visitors
who have signed our Guestbook!

We thought it would be nice to let everyone see some of the kind words we receive on a daily basis. Our Guestbook has helped us to learn more about the things you, as visitors and fellow Southern Marylanders, would like to see on Southern Maryland Online. We appreciate all the wonderful comments and ideas you've sent. Keep them coming.

Archive Volume 1
April 1996 - Sept 1996

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Archive Volume 2
Oct 1996 - Dec 1996

Teresa Q. Facini, Waldorf, MD
Looking for real estate information on the net and came across this site. Keep up the good work.

Steve Bowling, San Diego, California
I am from Newburg (10 miles south of LaPlata). Just wanted to say hi to everyone in Southern Maryland.

Jim Mabury, Cumberland, MD
A very informative page with lots of information and ease of use.It would be good for the state if more of the regions/Cities/Towns would get on to the net to promote their areas. Very well done and keep up the good work.

Mary L. Haasch, Hollywood, MD
Very Nice!

Nina Kern, Camp Springs, Maryland
had no idea you existed - got here via SMRLA linking. Keep me posted on what you're up to. Love it & hope to see it grow!

Mel Guss, Swansboro, NC
Just starting to read your site. Past resident of Charles County for 20 years and look forward to keeping up to date on my old community.

Richard W. Kelley, Compton, MD
Looks just great! So glad that Southern Maryland now has a presence of the
Internet. Keep up the good work!

Cal Spreitzer, Lexington Park, Maryland
Impressive! Its about time Southern Md. gets online...

Nicholas A. Adams, Ph.D, Columbia, Missouri
I enjoyed your site very much.

Charlotte Adams, Lusby, MD
very well done -- professional -- excellent information

Emory Johnson, Bushwood, Md
I'm glad I found it. I like to keep up on what's going on in Southern Maryland.

Trish Manfredi, South Glastonbury, CT
Nice to see that the sleepy area where I was born and grew is so with-it! Hope to visit this week before going to the Eastern Shore.

Roger Wood, Mechanicsville, Maryland
Excellent!! The best page of it's kind I've ever seen! (I really love the 'Bacon' game too) :)

Ray & Linda Sturch, Leonardtown, MD
Great idea!!! This is our first connection to SOMD online & we are are amazed at the amount of worthwhile regional information available "on screen". What a great way to stay abreast of what's happening in the community. Who do be blame for this great idea?

Pam Perillo, White Plains, MD
I was very happy to discover Southern Maryland Online. I will visit it often. Thanks alot!

Owen Miller, Scottsboro, AL
This is one of the most elaborate sites I have visited. You have done a great job in creating this one. I was born & raised in Beltsville, Md and saw the connection on the USA Citylink and had to check it out even though Beltsville wouldn't be considered Southern Maryland. Fished for years from the Rod n' Reel club in Chesapeake Beach. Again - GREAT JOB!

Shelly Mckenzie, Geneva, Switzerland
I can't believe that my little home town has such a nice web page!

Yvonne Trantham, Arlington, Texas
My husband is getting transferred to Pax Naval Air Base in February. I have never been to Maryland but have found a lot of useful information about Southern Maryland on your web page. I would like to see more information on Real Estate. I am looking forward to the move and seeing St. Mary's county. Keep up the good work!

Vanessa Snyder, Waldorf , Maryland
It was just really cool to be able to read about my home town now that I am away at college. So far your page is great but do you think you could put a little bit more info about the high schools in Charles County on your page.

John S. Wilkinson, Rome, New York
My Family is originally from St. Mary's County.

Larry Mentzer, Heidelberg , Germany
I really can't wait to visit Southern Maryland in September.

Bill Love, Dallas, Texas
I grew up in Calvert Co. and this home page gives me a chance to what's going on in Southern MD.

Jim Busey, Lexington Park, MD
I'm glad to see you on the net. With the huge potential of growth for St. Mary's county, we needed to get progressive! Well done!!!!

Darren J. Michaels, Lexington Park, MD
This is a great site on the web, I already got it bookmarked! Keep up the good work!

Stephen Fowler, Beltsville, MD
We have planned a trip to southern MD and this has been a great help. I feel this is really what the net and the web are for "sharing information with others." I really appreciate the easy access and the design of this site.

Southern Maryland Oil, Inc., La Plata, MD
Nice job! All of us here at SMO are very impressed with effort.

Mike Davenport, Osprey, Florida
Great stuff! I sure miss southern Maryland :(

Douglas Reier, Mt. Airy, Md
My wife and I had no idea where to spend our vacation. Thanks to your informative webpage we have decided to spend our vacation in Southern Maryland. We will let you know if this will be an annual trip when we come back. We are looking forward to visiting!

Gerry L Adams, Leonardtown, MD
I was trying to see if the local movie theatres had a page that listed what movies they were playing and at what times. I'll say that I was surprised to find so much information on the Internet since most people don't know where we are. Great job, keep up the good work.

John Brahler, Mechanicsville, Maryland
The best part of SOMD online is Fire Away and Dee Jay!

Dawn Brubaker, Mechanicsville, Maryland
FANTASTIC!!! WOW, NOT ONLY ARE WE ON THE MAP, BUT NOW WE'RE ONLINE AS WELL!! I think this page is very useful. I refer to everyday to keep up to date on current issues in my neighborhood! I look forward to being more involved in St. Mary's now with the help of this site! Please keep up the good work and let us know if there is anything we can do to keep it going!


Tony Pitt, California, Maryland
It's very clear that the Southern Maryland region has come online in style. Keep up the great work.

Steven R. Denson, Prince Frederick, MD
Really look's like nice set-up. Keep up good work!! Good luck and thanks for having it.

Donna Miller, Washington, DC
We have just purchased a condo in Solomon's Island and am delighted to have a home page that will provide us information during this transition.

Tammie J. Kuss, Leonardtown, Maryland
This is a great web site. I have it bookmarked and check it out daily. I haven't opened up a newspaper since I got on line a few months ago and this site has been very informative. Thanks!

Edward G. Morris, LaPlata, Maryland
This web site is great. Hope to get on every week. It is nice to see Southern Maryland progressing in this technology. Keep up the good work.

Tom R., Bryn Mawr, PA
Helpful & interesting information around your area.

yfurka, Waldorf, Maryland
This site is great for us local Waldorfians to find out what's going on in town when we have to spend most of our time "downtown".

Joe Jarvis, Russellville, IN
Looking good. I am halfway between Purdue U and Indiana U. where we love to play baskeball! want to try us?

David M. Heil, Waldorf, MD
Thanks! I enjoy the local pages and the links. Keep up the great work.

Shelley J. Dove, La Plata, MD
I was really impressed that we had a web site for Southern Maryland. I would like to see more real estate agents get involved in the advertising, etc.

Shawn Manning, Las Vegas, NV
Very impressive web site. I will be visiting the area this August for the first time to see the church at St. Inigoes (and St. Mary's) where many of my ancestors worshipped in the 1700's.

Robert Herbig, Lexington Park, MD
Noticed an article in the Tester.

Loida Zanowic, Bayonne, New Jersey
I have been searching the site for the July 4th contest and St. Mary's County and Virginia seem so friendly and nice I'm thinking of visiting for vacation .

Michael DeLane, San Francisco, Ca
It's real nice to connect back home. My family is from LaPlata. If you have an e-mail list, feel free to include me. Thanks.

Diane Marie Sparks, California, MD

Mickey Bailey, Leonardtown, MD
More pictures of Dee Jay!

Skip Stewart, Leonardtown, MD
I have checked out your home page and surfed around. You have done an outstanding job in making a very interesting and useful area for anyone to venture into. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Mark Moore, Fort Meade, MD
Great web site...went to Chesapeake Beach for the first time last week. Great time and close to home!!!

Don Hager, Odenton, MD
I am interested in a job at Patuxent NAS. I would like to see more Real Estate info.

Darlene Hines, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
Enjoy the touch of Southern Maryland I can get off the Internet. It's been one of my links to St. Mary's County since moving to South Carolina this past January. Keep up the good work. Good Luck with this year's Karaoke for Hospice. Last year's was a blast.

J. Michael Davis, California, MD
Very Nice Job with your Web Server. Keep up the good work.

Unnamed Visitor, Yuba City, CA
Where is the oyster shucking contest?

Bob Ruddy, Park Hall, MD
Pretty good stuff. If you can get all of the local news into an online format like NandO Times I'd never have to buy another newspaper. I really hate to sort and bundle the newspapers to take them to the dump.

Barry Johnson, Silver Spring, MARYLAND !!!
( found us on

Karen Frech, Alexandria, VA
Originally from St. Mary's (24 yrs) -- like to keep informed about the region, given that the population is about to explode.

Thomas Jones, Leonardtown, MD
This site is well done. I like it. Keep up the good work.

Jack Lund, Hyattsville, MD
Sotherby's Plantation was on the History Channel and I did a netsearch to see if St. Mary's County was on the web. IT WAS!!

Barbara L. Chadwick, St. Mary's City, Maryland
Found you via the Washington Post Home Page Article.
Haven't read all of it yet, but will let you know if I have comments later.

Stephen Ladd, Hughesville, MD
Well done!

Dee Swizzie
Congratulations!! I enjoyed your web site and feel it is well done!

Bill Burdette, La Plata, MD
Article in Washington Post. I haven't seen any mention in either the Maryland Independent or Ledger.


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