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Democrats and Republicans promise, but seldom deliver, tax breaks

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Posted on August 26, 2000:

Senator Dyson It was a long and harrowing evening of the presidential election of November 8, 1960 waiting for the returns to come in which would determine whether Republican challenger Vice President Richard M. Nixon or Democratic challenger Senator John F. Kennedy would emerge victorious.

Some, including Senator Kennedy, went to sleep that night with a reasonable expectancy, but no certainty, of a victory. It was not until noon the following day that Nixon conceded and Kennedy followed with his acceptance speech.

We all thought with that election the “religious” issue would now be passé in America. Unfortunately, this issue is still very much alive with all the talk of whether or not Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman’s religion will help or hurt Gore.

One of the other things similar about this years’s election is that many, including me, are saying that this race will be much like the cliffhanger we witnessed in 1960.

The debates of 1960, the first since the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates a hundred years earlier were widely anticipated. The enormous impact of television on presidential campaigns was ensured during the 1960s debates.Television audiences gave Kennedy the victory. Radio listeners, on the other hand, gave Nixon the victory. Fortunately for Kennedy, there were millions more television viewers than radio listeners.

I bring this point up because it’s decision time again and this election is very close. How Vice President Gore and Governor Bush perform in these debates may be the difference in the election.

Seventy percent or less citizens in Southern Maryland are expected to vote in this election, but we cannot sit idly by and not be concerned about some of the issues these gentlemen will most likely debate -- mainly taxes.

Both national party candidates have tax cuts in their platforms. I recommend that you examine these proposals closely in light of the information I recently received from the Tax Foundation, a non-profit organization which monitors U.S. tax systems.

The numbers speak for themselves. This is what they are spending your tax dollars on today as opposed to 40 years ago. As you know, we’ve had both Democratic and Republican presidents in the White House over those years and Congress has also changed hands a couple of times. So, each party is responsible for our taxes going up, not down.

We paid 14.2 percent in federal taxes in 1958 as opposed to 25.9 percent in 1998 and our state and local taxes 40 years ago were 3.7 percent. Now, we’repaying 13.1 percent in local and state taxes!

Obviously we’re being overtaxed and both parties are to be blamed. In an era where we are enjoying unprecedented prosperity, it’s time Mr. Gore or Mr. Bush offer us not promises, but real tax cut plans. Whoever occupies the White House in 2001 will most likely be the candidate who not only offers the best tax cut plan, but succeeds in selling it to a nation tired of empty promises.

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