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Southern Maryland fared well in General Assembly

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Posted on June 02, 2000:

Senator Dyson With the General Assembly Session starting out with a $925 million surplus I would have liked to have seen us give a little more money than we did to our taxpayers through a tax break, but we did eliminate the inheritance tax for direct beneficiaries and siblings this year which may, I pray, be a start of more tax cuts in the future. The elimination of the inheritance tax will have direct impact on many Marylanders’ pocket books. By repealing the tax for direct beneficiaries and siblings, the general fund will be reduced by an estimated $10.9 million in fiscal 2001 and $23.6 million in fiscal 2002.

It’s no surprise that with so much money on hand, my colleagues in the Senate and the House of Delegates came armed with a lot of bills -- many of them asking for money.

During the first General Assembly Session of the new millennium, a total of 2,347 bills were introduced, 907 in the Senate and 1,440 in the House. Forty Joint Resolutions were introduced, 17 of which passed. Our legislators were much more active this year than last when they introduced “only” 2,049, 298 less than this year.

I got in my share of bills. I either sponsored outright or co-sponsored 50 bills, 18 of which passed. The two joint resolutions I introduced also passed.

So how did Southern Maryland fare in the 2000 General Assembly session? Let’ s break it down by counties.

Calvert and St. Mary’s both received a good share of Local Program Open Space allocations. Calvert received $525,000 and St. Mary’s County got $482,000.

The state will also contribute $3.2 billion in direct aid for fiscal year 2001 to be distributed to local governments. This is done to help keep property taxes down.

Fiscal state payments for Calvert County teachers, librarians, College of Southern Maryland faculty and local officials are estimated to be $6,439,000. Public schools in Calvert received $572,000 in state funding which included renovations to Calvert Middle School and Huntingtown Elementary. Calvert’s portion of revenue for the College of Southern Maryland ended up being $3,913,000. Waterway improvements being funded by the state in Calvert include $40,000 for a jetty replacement at Breezy Point, $30,000 for a boat ramp lease in Chesapeake Beach, $50,000 for a parking lot improvement in Chesapeake Beach, $50,000 for a pier rehabilitation in North Beach and $50,000 for pier and slip construction $50,000. Other monies went to the Battle Creek Nature Education Society Environmental Education Center ($100,000) and $100,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calvert County. The Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum visitors center received $1,704,000.

In St. Mary’s County, fiscal state payments for teachers, librarians, community college faculty and local officials is estimated to be $6,156,000.

The St. Mary’s portion of allocated funds for the College of Southern Maryland is the same as Calvert, $3,913,000.

St. Mary’s College receive 1,087,000 for the expansion of Somerset Hall and the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center received $5,177,000.

Capital projects included $250,000 for the Lexington Park Family Support and Head Start Center, $250,000 for the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum and Visitor Center and $250,000 for Summerseat Sanctuary.

So as you can see, good economic times bring lots of state money to a wide variety of needed projects in Calvert and St. Mary’s County. Let’s hope this economic boom lasts for quite a bit longer.

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