"Pet Friendly" license plates to be unveiled in June

Posted on May 14, 1999 at 23:26:00:

Attention all pet lovers. Soon, you will be able to adorn your car with a commemorative license plate that will show your support for controlling the pet population. A year and a half after a bill sponsored by Senator Roy Dyson (D-Calvert, St. Mary's) that would create a commemorative license plate to pay for local spay or neuter programs for pets passed into law, the plates should be available this June.

"I anticipate they will be ready by June," said Eltra Nelson, Chair of the Animal Friendly License Plates Committee who also works at the Motor Vehicle Administration.

The six-member committee appointed by Governor Glendening agreed that the license plate alphas down the left side of the plate will read "PET." The bottom of the license plate will display the words "Spay and Neuter." The red logo will feature a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and a cat.

The cost of the plates will be $50 with $25 going to the area shelter or humane organization in the county where the buyer of the plate resides. The other $25 will go to MVA towards the cost of the plate, Nelson said. The plates can be purchased at a local humane society, not at MVA.

"The committee did an outstanding job coming up with this commemorative plate," said Senator Dyson. "I'm pleased that through this program, money we didn't have before for spaying and neuter programs will be available to animal shelters throughout the state. I was very proud of this bill and I'm delighted to see that finally the plates will be visible on our local roads in a few weeks. These plates will help cut down on the number of unwanted pets and that makes me very happy. Through its commitment to the creation of these plates, the Animal Friendly Committee has ensured that a great number of pets will not suffer tragic ends by euthanasia in pet shelters or violent deaths on our roadways. I encourage all pet lovers to go to their local animal shelters or humane societies to purchase these unique commemorative plates."

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