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My Support For Small Business Has Always Been Strong

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Posted on October 13, 2006:

Senator Dyson The last four years have brought hundreds of policy matters before the Maryland General Assembly that impact the small business community in Southern Maryland. Unlike any other part of the state, Southern Maryland’s economy relies on the health and welfare of family owned businesses, farmers, fishermen and local contractors. With every vote I cast, I take into consideration, Southern Maryland’s unique economy and those that work in and own those businesses.

For the record, I am a small business owner with members of my family. I have nearly 40 years of experience meeting payroll, providing health insurance for those who work our business and providing friendly and quality customer service.

I hear the “voice” of small business over big business and special interests. Unfortunately, not all lawmakers do the same. Over the years, I have listened to local small business owners and their employees in order the make the best decisions and serve the citizens of my district to the best of my ability.

During this past year, I have received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and a 100 percent rating from the Maryland Retailers Association.

I have opposed taxes on health care premiums, business profits and higher wage mandates. I supported legislation to increase the amount of damages a small business owner can seek in the small claims court without having to hire an attorney, supported an incentive to small business owners offering health insurance during the minimum wage debate and have fought for and respect a small business owner’s right to adjust and establish wages and benefits during a changing economy.

I understand the pressure of making a payroll, operating a business risking ones life savings in search of the American Dream as well as the growing distress many small business owners are facing in their search for affordable health care for themselves and their employees. I listen, understand and act when necessary on the behalf of small business.

My commitment and record is strong on small issues. For instance, I am very pleased with my 85 percent voting record with the Maryland Retailers Association.

Some of the small business bills I have voted for include:

Senate Bill 599 -- Tax free shopping for back to school. This bill, which I co-sponsored passed was signed into law by the governor during the 2005 General Assembly Session. This law designated a 5-day period in August 2006 during which the sales and use tax does not apply to any item of clothing or footwear, excluding specified accessory items, if the taxable price of the item is $100 or less.

Another small business bill I supported last year was SB 546 Cigarettes -Direct Sales. I voted to support this legislation which prohibits the internet sale of cigarettes and helps retailers in the state.

This year, I was very pleased to be a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 812 which will help local wineries sell their product to local businesses. This is a very important bill not only for small business, but for agriculture as well. It will also prevent development on farmable lands and boost tourism.

My commitment and record is strong on small business issues. I will continue to fight for what is best for our economy, local businesses and all of the citizens of Southern Maryland who I have the great privilege of serving in the Maryland Senate.

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