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Senator Dysonís Delivers Maryland Day Speech to State Senate

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Posted on March 25, 2006:

Senator Dyson Every year I have had the privilege of serving in the Maryland Senate, President Mike Miller allows me to deliver the annual Maryland Day Speech to my colleagues.

I believe this is a good tradition. Although Maryland Day is not an official State holiday, it is important that everyone remember the sacrifices made by our first colonists who came to the shores of St. Clementís Island before moving to our first state capital in St. Maryís City. They deserved to be remembered and honored.

That is why as the lone Senator representing St. Maryís County, my good friend Senator Miller always addresses me as the ďSenator from the capital city, the Mother County of MarylandĒ on this one particular day before I extol the virtues of Marylandís first colonists.

Here are portions of the speech I delivered on March 24, the day before Maryland Day. Since we did not meet in Session on Saturday, I was given a special exemption to keep this tradition alive and deliver my speech to the Senate the day before.

Good morning everybody.

Itís a wonder that Maryland ever made it. In 1633 a group of colonists boarded the Ark and the Dove and left England to come to North America.

If you travel to St. Maryís City, you will see a recreation of the Dove. They did a great job and it is quite impressive. I mean no disrespect to those who built the boat. But if you look at that replica, Iím sure youíd be a little concerned if it could bring you to the headwaters of the Chesapeake. So to think the colonists came all across the Atlantic to the Americas on the Dove and the Ark, the larger passenger boat, is really remarkable.

I was in the grocery store the other day and I thought someone was speaking to me until I realized they were talking on their cell phone. Today, there are all ways to communicate with each other. They didnít have that luxury in 1634. At one point, these ships got separated. They didnít know almost until they got to the new world, to Maryland, if theyíd ever see each other again.

But they did get there and they established the colony of Maryland. They established religious toleration. The first woman attorney in America --Margaret Brent -- came four years later. It was also the first place where an African American, Mathias De Sousa, voted in the legislature. It was the first place where a woman, Margaret Brent, asked for the right to vote. So, I can say to you today that these early colonists did remarkable things no other state in this country can claim. We live in and represent a great state. Thank you.

Military retirement tax exemption bill passes out of committee

After years of hard work, a bill I have consistently co-sponsored has passed out of the Budget Senate and Taxation Committee and is headed for the full Senate. Senate Bill 22 will give much-needed and much-deserved tax relief to those who have served us in the Armed Services. Not only will this provide tax relief to our veterans, it will prevent these fine men and women from leaving our state. I am confident that this bill will finally be passed both houses of the General Assembly Session.

Bill to help Patuxent River Naval Air Station moves in Senate A bill that I have sponsored to help the Patuxent Naval Air Station, Senate Bill 253, survived some unfriendly amendments on March 23 and appears to be headed for a favorable vote in the full Senate. The bill will require a contract for the sale of residential real property to contain a specified statement notifying the buyer that the property may be impacted by specified military operations and military testing

Officials from Pax River asked me to submit the bill last year after they received numerous complaints from mostly new residents on the Eastern Shore who complained of noise coming from the base. This legislation will help ease unnecessary paperwork for Pax River who do a commendable job of addressing these complaints.

Delegate John Bohanan has introduced a crossfile of the same bill in the House of Delegates -- where this legislation died last year. The good news is that this year, House Bill 298 passed 138-1, so I expect this important legislation to become law this year.

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