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Real Estate disclosure bill will help Navy

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Posted on February 11, 2006:

Senator Dyson For the second time this year, I have introduced a bill that I believe will be greatly beneficial to the Patuxent River Naval Air Station as well as other military installations in the State of Maryland.

This legislation, Senate Bill 253, will add a small paragraph to the Maryland real estate contract that simply states that a real estate agent must inform a prospective homebuyer that their property is located near a military installation that conducts flight operations, munitions testing, or military operations that may result in high noise levels.

Certainly, homebuyers in Southern Maryland know there is a major base that conducts numerous flight missions throughout the year. Same as in Indian Head. They are fully aware of this because the Southern Maryland real estate contracts has contained this clause for years. This bill passed through the Senate with a strong vote last year, but did not pass the House Environmental Matters Committee. However, Delegate John Bohanan has filed the same bill in the House so I anticipate a better outcome.

However, the reason I introduced this bill is when representatives from Pax River came to me saying they were receiving a higher volume of noise complaints from the Eastern Shore than usual.

The Navy reps didn’t come to complain about the amount of the new complaints they were receiving. They just want to make sure that new homeowners know that they may hear noise from military installations before they make a big financial commitment.

The reason Pax River is receiving a higher than usual volume of calls from the Eastern Shore is that many people are buying high dollar retirement/summer or weekend getaways on scenic locations and are unaware that they are in the base’s flight zone.

The Patuxent River Naval Air Station is a nearly $3 billion economic engine for the entire state. It is imperative that I do everything I can to ensure that they remain the outstanding neighbor they have been to Southern Maryland.

To show their commitment to this piece of legislation, I was pleased that Pax River’s Commanding Officer Zachary “Bo” Henry joined me this week to testify on the bill’s merits. Captain Henry’s presentation to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee was exceptional and impressed many of the members with his demeanor and expertise. Captain Henry’s support staff was also extremely helpful.

Thanks to the efforts of Congressman Steny Hoyer, Delegate Bohanan, the Naval Alliance, and many others, we did very well in the Base Realignment and Closure process this past year. But the competition for Pax River’s services is still very much out there.

We still have to remain competitive. To do this, we must always be aware of encroachment issues that threaten the base’s day-to-day operations.

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