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Christmas Message

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Posted on December 21, 2005:

Senator Dyson If you are like me traveling around Southern Maryland, I am always glancing at the gas prices. Lately, they seem to be going up and up. But all this will be the subject of a future column.

While the gas prices will no doubt cause you consternation, there is some signage around Southern Maryland that is not going to raise your blood pressure.

I’m referring to the many signs and billboards celebrating our upcoming Holiday of Christmas and Hanukkah season. For instance, at the Kings Christian Academy in Callaway, the sign out front says: “Keep Christ is Christmas.” The same message was on a sign at an historic church in Newburg in Charles County. At the Calvert County Fairgrounds, their billboard stated simply: “Merry Christmas.” These messages are meant to say that Christians should be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas, not just rushing out to our malls and other stores making Christmas a commercial, rather than holy day.

I was appalled when I saw a newscast of a woman being trampled by customers trying to get into a retail store to do her shopping. What would Jesus say about that type of despicable behavior?

Another sign also got my attention. I like to believe I am a very positive person. I never like being around negative people who are always complaining, just to complain. This particular church sign said “Praise in Public, Criticize in Private.”

Too often, people do great things every day. And too often, they never receive praise for what they do. Instead, people like to criticize. By far, the vast majority of people who provide us service be they clerks at our local stores, members of our military our firefighters and rescue workers, policemen and every one else who help make our lives better do an outstanding job. But rarely, do I ever hear someone simply go up and praise their work.

If you’ve had a bad experience with someone who provides a service or a person you work with, what is the sense in being critical? That’s what the “Praise in Public, Criticize in Private” means to me.

If you get service you’re not really happy with, do you really think the person did it in malice?

A lot of these signs post helpful suggestions. As we approach the Christmas season, I urge you to take their advice. Instead of rushing to get in front of someone in line, show the spirit of the season and let them go first. I can promise me, you’ll feel better about yourself.

Take a moment out of your day during this Holiday season and praise someone such as your mail carrier, the person who delivers your newspaper, the person who rings up your coffee in the morning or serves you your fast food during the day. As a matter of fact, I suggest we all make a practice of doing this throughout the New Year as well.

Here’s hoping you and your loved ones have a very Mery Christmas and a wonderful 2006.

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