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2006 General Assembly Session is Less Than a Month Away

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Posted on December 09, 2005:

Senator Dyson Itís almost that time of year again, the beginning of what will be the 2006 General Assembly Session. Itís always hard to predict what issues will come up during this 90-day Session that begins on January 11 and ends on April 10. But, during the Session, I will keep you apprized of the issues that affect all of Southern Maryland.

As always, my door is always open in Annapolis and I certainly want to hear what you have to say about a variety of issues that will come before us. I do not go up to Annapolis for my own self interests. I go up to represent you, my constituents that I am so proud to serve. That is one reason I drive back and forth from my home in Southern Maryland to the state capital every day. It gives me a chance to get feedback from you at the post office, gas station or grocery store.

There are many ways you can reach me during the Session. My mailing address in Annapolis is: 102 James Senate Office Building; 110 College Avenue; Annapolis, MD 21401-1991. Since I pick up my mail at my local post office, you can also write to: P.O. Box 229; Great Mills, MD 20634. My e-mail address is It is important that you include a recognizable name or subject matter, or I can not open the e-mail in case someone who is not a constituent is sending a virus. My website is

Also, I believe it is important that my constituents have access to our St. Maryís office during the Session if they have a problem and canít make it all the way to Annapolis. While my staff is in the state capital most of the week, the district office is open every Monday and other days during the Session.

Of course, please feel free to visit our beautiful state capital that is rich with history. I would love for you to come by my office, to view the General Assembly proceedings at work, to attend a committee meeting or even testify on a bill of interest to you. I believe it will be rewarding for you to see your state government at work.

The times and dates of the General Assembly Session are set by the Constitution of Maryland and cannot be changed. While my standing committee assignment in the Maryland Senate is the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee, I also serve on many other sub-committees and commissions as well throughout the year.

I am very proud of the work I have done since being named Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Area since I was first elected in 1995. This oversight committee has produced several key initiatives to help preserve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

I also serve on the Advisory Committee on the Management and Protection of the Stateís Water Resources. This is the committee that addresses an issue many of you have written me about which is the status of our aquifers in Maryland.

Additionally, I serve as the chair of the Ethics and Election law subcommittee, the Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review, the Special Committee on Substance Abuse and the Agricultural Stewardship Commission among many others.

For instance, just this past week, members of the General Assembly, environmental groups and farmers who are members of the Agricultural Stewardship Commission proposed a series of measures that will help sustain our farming heritage.

After that meeting, I chaired the Patuxent River Workgroup that includes former Senator Bernie Fowler who has been an advocate of a cleaner Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay for more than 30 years. At our meeting, Senator Fowler made a passionate plea to do more for our precious waterways that was heard loud and clear. Expect legislation aimed at protecting the Bay and our critical areas during this Session.

So while some like to say we are part-time legislators, the fact is this is really a full-time job. And it is one I enjoy very much for the simple reason that I am able to help people. Please keep in touch regularly.

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