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Administration taxes will hurt teachers, nursing homes

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Posted on March 05, 2004:

Senator Dyson Once again, the Ehrlich administration is proposing a tax that is a terrible idea. This one affects our already over-burdened senior citizens. The administration has proposed a nursing home bed tax that will substantially cut into the fixed incomes of senior citizens living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Senate Bill 508, which lists a series of taxes on services ranging from nursing home patients, milk products and teacher certifications among others is draconian and bad public policy.

Part of the provision of the bill is to impose a $1,200 increase per licensed bed on each nursing facility in Maryland.

This means that all beds, even those that are unoccupied, will be assessed this tax. The nursing facilities -- most of which are non-profit -- will in turn have to pass that cost on to the seniors who live there.

If this provision passes, this tax is here to stay. So even those baby boomers who arenít seniors: Beware. Most seniors on fixed incomes cannot afford the rising costs in health care including prescription drug coverage already. Socking them with a $1,200 bed tax is inexcusable.

This is just one of the many hidden taxes in the convoluted tax bill offered by this administration.

Maryland is facing a serious teacher shortage, but that hasnít prevented the administration from dissuading prospective teachers from coming to the state or staying here.

Currently, teachers pay $10 for their teaching certificate. It is renewable every five years. The administration is proposing raising this teacher tax to $75. That means that our underpaid teachers will have to cough up $75 every five years. At a time when we need to do our best to retain and recruit quality teachers to Maryland, nailing new and incumbent teachers with a $65 increase in their certification is not sending a very good message.

For those in the pest control business in Maryland: Watch out. If the administration gets its way each place of business engaged in the business of pest control or pest control consulting will pay an annual tax increase of $25 for their license.

These are just some of many examples of the tax increases veiled by this administration as ďfeeĒ increases being offered in Senate Bill 508 -- one of the worst pieces of legislation Iíve seen since Iíve been in the Maryland Senate. The overall tax increases being proposed by Governor Ehrlich, according to the non-partisan Department of Legislative Services?


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