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There are many to thank for fine work during Isabel

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Posted on October 03, 2003:

Senator Dyson Hours after Hurricane Isabel mercifully left our area, my district office was open and accepting calls from constituents. Although the office was without electricity, I received many invitations to visit areas affected by this terrible storm.

What I saw was a true affirmation of the human spirit at its best. Whether it was St. George’s Island, Ridge, the Chesapeake Ranch Estates, Benedict and countless other neighborhoods and businesses, people for the most part were optimistic and upbeat despite the damage they suffered.

I was in the dark with the rest of the residents of Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s County for five days and I spent a good portion of the days following the storm removing trees that have stood for years at our home.

So I know how disruptive, annoying and downright frustrating this whole disaster has been.

I would like to personally like to thank all of those who went above and beyond to provide various services that made all of our lives easier during these trying times.

Plaudits go out to the SMECO lineman who worked day and night in the rain, wind and dangerous conditions to get power restored as soon as possible. Also, I give a lot of credit to those who patiently took calls from customers asking when their power would be restored and to the officials at SMECO who responded to my calls on behalf of the constituents who called my office.

As usual, our local emergency management agencies in all three Southern Maryland counties did a top-notch job. They were prepared well in advance for the storm and maintained great courage, patience and resolve under the worst types of circumstances.

This also is true of all of the volunteer fire and rescue personnel and our local and state police officers who maintained order. The fire, rescue and police cars were on the roads everywhere I went during and after this storm doing their best to provide service to those most in need.

It’s during these times when we truly realize the selfless job all of these men and women do for us not just during a major crisis, but every day.

The State Highway Administration and local public works in all three counties should also be commended for their efforts to clear fallen trees, steer people away from downed power lines and do an outstanding job in general of protecting the public.

In general, I want to thank everyone who went out of their way to help during this storm.

Finally, I would like to get back to the regular people themselves. I saw and heard countless stories of generosity and good old fashioned neighborly friendship. In one community on Flat Iron Road that I visited, the entire neighborhood got together to have a “cleanup party.” There were numerous trees blown down in everyone’s yard. When I went to visit them, they were full of good cheer and willing to help each other out in any way they could. I was surprised how calm, collected and downright friendly they were to me and each other. There wasn’t a sour face in the bunch.

This community, like so many others turned a bad situation into a better one by getting out as a unit, as neighbors, to pitch in and do what was necessary to clean their community back up as best as possible. It was truly inspiring to see the way they came together for one common cause.

Hurricane Isabel did indeed destroy and damage a lot of property, but it did not damage the human spirit in Southern Maryland.

Give yourselves a hand for a job well done.

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